To dive with shovel headlong into the heat, pull up grass roots, tuck fledgling food plants into rich soil, throw rocks, pile rocks, lay rocks into walkways, pause (panting) to listen to a new birdsong, dig some more, empty the wheelbarrow, fill it up again, then retreat into shade for water – this was yesterday with my dad. Glorious.

Per-chi-ko-ree – goldfinch. The oriole a long ‘variation on a doubled theme’. The cardinal, a dominant wolf-whistle. Cedar waxwings sound like shy cicadas, Red-winged blackbirds take me right back to the fields of my childhood – they are part of the sound of forever.

At the end of the day, I see that I’m a mere 1/5th of the way through what’s required – but it doesn’t matter, because the chestnut tree I planted 4 years ago in poor soil- a gamble I took because my favourite chestnut of all time was brutally murdered – this chestnut tree in my garden bloomed for the first time. Hallelujah.

Pics coming.
May your long weekends be equal parts sun, wet, wonderful and wild.

Now I can finish putting the food in. Where it’s best to put the food – here’s a useful companion planting guide, for those who want to try something more eco-system based:

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