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old girl, new girl



dear friend of mine, literally coming apart at the seams, on her way to cello hospital in Paisley

Lupercalia was a great success this past weekend – it’s safe to say that the little local music festival that filled the streets and packed ten venues in Owen Sound is the first of many – also safe to say that it will grow. Thanks Josh R, your promoter skills are much appreciated.

I played twice – three times if you include the 3.5 hour recording session with Tyler Wagler on Sunday morning. The other 2 were 6pm with Willi Henry & Patrick Dorfmann @ The Ginger Press, then at midnight crammed in with Tyler and Joel Morelli.

I was not playing my friend, the last cello made by Edouard Bartlett, the one I’ve played every morning these past 2 months – she hates the winter cold/hot/dry of this place, and has come apart on her shoulders. Her voice squeaks where it always sang – so I took her to Sibylle Ruppert, a fine luthier and friend from Paisley, who let me borrow this new girl….:

tulip wood back, maple ribs, BC spruce belly, no corners.


Tiny, lightweight, little imp of a cello, with a shockingly big voice

Definitely female. I've never seen or played a sexier looking cello.

I miss my friend – we have grown into each other these past 10 years.  It will be a while before she comes back to me here.  In the meantime, I play this sleek little otter-girl, and we get to know one another.  It’s exciting and sad and weird, and unsettling and challenging all the time. Will I get along with otter-girl?  Will she work with me, will her voice grow even bigger and mellower than it already is?  Will I find a way to keep her?  Are we meant to work together?  hmmm.

I know I’ll never sell Ed’s cello, though I might rent her to a student I trust.  Could I have two?

Somebody should do a study on the complex, intense bond between a musician and his instrument.

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4 thoughts on “old girl, new girl

  1. That cello sounded so amazing; resonant, lots of volume…and now that you mention it, “she” does look hot! (but what do I know about cellos, I only know what my ears like!)
    You played the new girl beautifully Saturday; perhaps she’s meant to be part of your family…hope the old girl heals and returns to your skillful hands…

    • Jim, you are truly too kind vis a vis my playing. Thanks for the cello feedback – much appreciated. together she and I are working out each other’s needs – I want different strings, she requires a heavier bow, etc, etc. But I do like her. She does remind me of an otter.

  2. Hi Keira

    Enjoyed your blog. Got to it via the FB news feed. I love the wooden instrument pictures.
    Made me think of a picture I call cello in the wood box. Probably Ed’s old girl in our wood box with companions. I will send it to you if I haven’t yet done so.

    • Hey Fred. Thanks- I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. You DID send me a copy of the wordbox cello pic, and yes, it was the one that’s getting repaired. Those are good good memories! Be well, hugs to all yous

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