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Equinox thinking

I’m doing everything I can think of to avoid tackling my taxes.

during an equinox, it's wise to set long-range intentions. This plant is helping me.

It’s a given – I DO intend to start and finish them by Thursday this week.

ACTUALLY doing them now would be an abysmal waste of a good spring equinox. You see my logic?

Plant enlightenment. Appropriate for an Equinox.

If an equinox is like a snapshot that reveals things ‘out-of-place’ in the moment, then it behooves me to have a look.

hmmmm. Not sure I want to take you guys there.

So I’ll just look around me:

Mary Magdalen by Piero della Francesca, Edouard Bartlett holding a Strad, Hibou Park rocks by my friend Craig, standing stones from Scotland - a gift from my Dad


Oh – and the three little pigs, photo-booth shots of my daughter and me when she was 9, and a fan.

Together these ideas are enough to open my mind to infinite possibility.

This is appropriate for a spring equinox Sunday, since the thing I intend most in this next year is to always keep my mind wide open.

‘night all.
Welcome to spring, 2011.  If you haven’t yet done them, good luck with your taxes.

2 thoughts on “Equinox thinking

  1. Well I spent my equinox Sunday embracing or at least completly engaged with techno toys… From the moment I got up… No actually before I got up I created a piece of music in Garage Band on my IPad, flat on my back in bed… Yes a little 24 bar, 6 track loop beauty that would make an excellent porn movie sound track… After getting up, there were many more techno odd jobs to do around the house involving sound tracks, home movies and Facebook… Fixing the faucet in the kitchen sink was way too low-tech for me so I got someone else to do that. The point is Keira I’m going to take your advice and get my own blog… PS and seriously I love reading yours… It’s not an equinox, it’s a trilogy of heart, mind and soul… Lars

    1. yay and hallelujah. I’m already your reader, my friend.

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