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Things that go together, and an antidote

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A local amateur production of MacBeth started me on this tangent. I was struck by the fact that, aside from Banquo and MacDuff, every character seems implicated in the act of regicide that begins the cycle of tyranny & murder – try as I might, I cannot pin the blame entirely on the witches’ manipulations.

The next evening in an intuitive decision to keep to theme, I watched “Inside Job”, which told an equally horrific, contemporary story of obscene greed for power and wealth.

On FB the next day I see a satirical post from my 15-year-old niece about our very own Mister Harper, of the Harper Government (sub-titled: of Canada).

Now I’m looking for a balance, wherever I can find it, in the known human sphere.  Nope, not in Libya, not in Egypt, Ireland, Greece, Europe, …..  actually I’m feeling more than a little discouraged.

Day 4, The Great Lake Swimmers offer a welcome antidote. I dive in, and emerge refreshed.

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Artist, Musician, Writer, Teacher. Mum to an incredible person, friend to many Incredibles. Performer. Thinker. Collaborator. K

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