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More of what music does, before

For a gig this coming [Easter] Sunday, the excellent Tyler Wagler and I rehearsed a song called Illusions, by Larry Jensen, musician, wordsmith, tinkerer.  As good songs do, this one is swimming through my busy mind like a dolphin, bursting through the regular noise with some fine, lyrical segment, then gone again.  But even that jeweled flicker of a lyric is enough to stop me….

and the urgency to do or die; to wear that crown

….. in the context of a National Election, a Provincial Election, :30 minutes before the GBSYouth Orchestra goes on stage with their bursting young impossible to play Beethoven’s 2nd Symphony (at OSCVI, if you can make it by 8-ish), spring all around but cold, so we’re all working harder to stay warm, eat well, be healthy, get-it-done, whatever IT is – in this URGENT context, I can see how truly irrationally marvelous it is to be human.  Thank you Larry for writing so well, because it really is all okay.  All of it.

And thanks Tyler, for being so very much alive and in your bones.  Just so you know, this Tyler man is one of the most focused, dedicated, brilliant, compassionate people I’ve met.  I’m lucky to be working with him.

Looking forward to Sunday – folks, if you want tix, follow the bouncing ball below….

Bean Cellar or Fromagers Music during the day, or write to me here, or just show up & hope its not sold out. It should be - these guys are wizards.

2 thoughts on “More of what music does, before

  1. Once again, thank you Keira for sharing what’s goin’ on and swimming around inside your artist’s heart and mind… It is all good, this keeping warm, fed and searching for wellness… The song never does reach a good place and believes all is fleeting… The ground is hard but where we live and have babies and have elections, that ground is also blessed… It’s been my pleasure to watch Tyler grow and for you fine humans to work on a song of mine, really helps with the warm and wellness part…Love ya.

    1. The gig went very very well, Lars, & you were so definitely there in spirit (my last was a kind of ‘invocation’ of you). I don’t know if you’ve heard Liam Sanagan, who opened – I was super impressed by his lyrics and line – he dares to write about things that are complex and have no clear ‘hero’. Tyler presented very well, Thomas (keys & organ) and Christian were solid and hot, and Joel was of course his brilliant self, and a great anchor. I had the pleasure of nailing my flat 11 vocals, and providing a couple of decent cello solos. Although I’m sure Tyler has been critiquing the night since it ended, I myself have been floating in the glow of a very good music night. Miss you & looking forward to June. xo

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