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Friday Morning List

moving forward and to the right

It’s time to set intention, so here are mine for the day:
1. transform at least two things into something more positive
2. try to avoid adding ANY energy to emotional ‘black holes’
3. attend to all debts
4. translate one dry task into a poetic one (use brevity)
5. Thank the god of wheel bearings throughout the day for the niggling idea that the car should go into the shop yesterday, which prevented certain,  possibly serious injury
6. Walk as much as possible, and notice what’s growing
7. Play cello
8. Sing
9. Draw something
10. Be well

2 thoughts on “Friday Morning List

  1. Happy Friday Keira, ahhh good list, on a path to enlightenment myself these days and so glad the door has been opened, jumping in with both feet!!! Wine very soon please…
    Love & Friendhsip xo

  2. Good morning Keira and good morning Friday… Good top 10 list of which I will borrow a few…

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