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Friday morning list, the third

I think the 10' transplanted oak is going to make it.

I realize these lists are a tall order, and openly admit that I’ve only been batting 80% – with the following left unattended:

5. sew something.
6. throw paint at the wall.
8. finish at least one long-awaited, loving letter and send.
9. Draw something

This is a clue that leads to this Friday’s list….

1. Identify this tree (it was supposed to be a rowan). Anybody? Help?

1. see the tree caption, above.
2. check out what I’ve not done from the last 2 lists (did this already), and make time to attend to them (will do).
3. sort out what keeps getting in the way of painting, drawing, sewing, and remove said thing.
4. move one small step closer to attaining one long-term goal.
5. photograph something that I’d not normally be inclined to examine closely.
6. walk for an hour.
7. update the detail task-list and knock off a few more items.
8. listen to one person very closely, and accept every part of their being, no matter what.
9. play cello.
10. wander.

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