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Friday Morning list in Full colour

These days, I can rise in the dark and watch the colour seep back into the world, Black to Grey to Grey-green to Daylight.  Somewhere just before Grey-green I get Blue, popping through the monochrome…

(taken slightly later, so the camera could read it w/out tripod...)

Minutes later, after Daylight, this happened too:

the light outside was a queer Yellow, diffused through rainclouds to the east....

The Rain came, and I looked for Red, which seemed appropriate, since that would complete the colour-wheel in my mind…

red stems a-glowing in all that rich curling green.

Not bad for the first waking hour.

So now, under the sound of heavy rain on metal roof, I offer a new Friday Morning List:

1. look at colour in the rain until I feel it in my bones.

2. play with something that fascinates me.

3. attend to promises made.

4. find my gratitude, even if it’s difficult.

5. acknowledge one person, each day, with a small gift.

6. apply paint to canvas.

7. work hard at something, and exult in the deep satisfaction.

9. purchase an internet router (my my, so Tangible a thing!)

10. tell at least one bad joke to one grump.

And now the rain is done.

Happy friday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Friday Morning list in Full colour

  1. happy bd, old friend…10 years ago we watched a new life being ushered into this world xx

    1. Oh, La. Dear Emma, dear you & Dear Gillian. And now there are two children I know born on this day, and several adult children. I wish you happy rain-day, Lorie Lady.

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