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a-yurting we go, into 2012

Here we are now, ready to ‘clean the slate’.

At the very end of the calendar year, we’re both steeped in peace like chamomile tea.  We’ll pack the truck this afternoon and drive to McGregor Point where our yurt awaits (not really winter camping, just a canvas cabin to sleep in for two nights – we will take the crock pot and the rice cooker, and leftover curry from last night’s excellent meal).

But it is Away.  A way through, possibly. Certainly it seems to be one good way to take the ideas of New, time, renewal, friendship, family- and Pay Attention.

Neither of us wants to leave this marvelous house, but we shall go anyway into the great whiteness, surrounding the fire together with good friends we hardly ever see.  We’ll sing in this new year – so loaded with Mayans, Carl Sagan, with change and challenge and difficulty and promise.

We might even make a song with all that stuff loaded into it, so we can bellow it out to the sleeping chickadees, who will undoubtedly think us ridiculous.

They’ll be right.  tee hee.


I miss having Vaclav Havel alive in the world.

In the spirit of where we find ourselves on the eve of 2012, I’ll leave off with this:

The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness* and human responsibility.

Václav Havel


* he is using the word ‘meek’ in its original Greek sense, meaning ‘willing to work, uncomplaining, resourceful, proactive, gentle, humble.’  I’ve also seen it defined as ‘strength under control’.


2 thoughts on “a-yurting we go, into 2012

  1. Amen! Peace and blessings Keira, to you and your home from ours!
    Happy New Year~

  2. ‘yurt on’ I say….wishing you both a wonderful 2012

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