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hmmm. hmmm? Observations, actions and connection points through art.

Life is good.

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What a rich world we are in here. I’m surrounded by colour and flavour and scent, birdsong, squirrel screeching and leaves describing the breeze.



Internally too – three new large creative projects on the go – fabric art, an installation/ performance art piece on the value, history and beauty of hand tools, and a new series of writings in experimental, collaborative fiction. Sowing seeds, raising seedlings, as it were.

strange purple plant

I have a new plant in front of me that doesn’t have a name I can find, but blooms great, trumpeting purple flowers that open in a spiral, and appear to have fangs. Marvelous to watch.

Burgundy (thanks mom – these are so lovely!!)


Happy Friday, everyone. It’s a grand day.

Red – Thanks Margaret

Author: keirartworks

Artist, Musician, Writer, Teacher. Mum to an incredible person, friend to many, Incredibles. Gardener. Thinker. Collaborator. K

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