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Morning triggers

…if the nose & claw of a big hammer could be hung from the ceiling of the space so that it seemed as though it was coming through the building to hit a giant nail embedded in the floor…..

table saw, morning

… if one section of the installation was a series of small paintings all connected by a wire which carried an electrical current.  One painting would have a switch, another a plug, another a speaker.  Plug in the painting, turn on the switch in another, and two other paintings begin an audio conversation:  “My father gave me this chisel when I was 13.  My mother taught me to sew by hand first, then …..”

morning, front porch

… a painting that’s wired with the sound of an air compressor, triggered to come on when someone comes within 5 feet of it…..

morning, back porch

… record a cicada.  record a skilsaw.  Dig up data on construction site stress.

Paintings of:  Shovel, axe, hammer, clamp, grinder (s), sledge, crowbar, drill bits & railroad spikes, technical and engineered drawings, blueprints & electrical drawings, forge stamps, handsaws, chisels…


And poems.

hmmmm.  Blog like a scratch pad.

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