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Otherfolk / Summerfolk

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There are good things happening here in my hometown.

Last night the streets were full of us as we venue-hopped through the downtown core to see a large and motley crew of excellent musicians & performers in the 3rd year of Otherfolk.  This happens twice a year – February’s Lupercalia has the same marvelous effect on us.  We get a shot in the arm, a kick in the backside, a great jolt of energy through our collective nervous system.  We come out and come alive – almost like they do in Quebec (where folks habitually have more fun).

Tonight is the first night of the 3-day Summerfolk Festival, where we gather (residents, ex-pats, exiles and rebels) to reconnect each loop to the next, while listening to incredible playing and camping on the shores of Georgian Bay.  It’s kind of like a collective Relax:  “wow you and I haven’t connected for Months, and I’d really like to talk to you.  Are you going this weekend?  Good.  I’ll buy you a beer…”

Oh, and several thousand folks from out of town join us  for both of these togetherings and become honourary Owen Sounders for the duration.  It’s great – really really great, that a town of 22,000 can do these things, AND keep hopping with live entertainment, art exhibitions, film, spoken word, and fine fine crafts every other day of the year.

I love my town.

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