a temperature-taking of the global impact of Venezuela’s 37-year-old Sistema. Read and cheer, then read again, and figure out how do start something where you live.

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Published Sept 2012 – 3,486 words:  A September 2012 report on El Sistema, leading to the question, where exactly might El Sistema be headed at the moment?

Many of us have just turned a sharp corner. A matter of days ago it was summer, with whatever it was that we had hoped for from the annual holiday interlude still flirtatiously, if tenuously, alive. Now we are past the middle of September: for around half the world dark nights beckon, a new cycle has begun, and it’s time to get out the measuring spoons.

So it was that I found myself staring reflectively out of my Caracas window last week, whilst – as usual – contemplating Pico Oriental’s unseen 2,700 metre drop down to the Caribbean Ocean (the other side from the picture below I’m afraid, but that’s the point), also wondering where things are headed in the year that is…

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