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I’m home from playing the first concert of GBS’ 2012-2013 season, appropriately titled ‘A Sense of Place’ by our Maestro Mister Barnum.  Thanks, JB, for sitting me first desk celli, where the intensity & pressure is highest.  Lucky me – & I mean no sarcasm of any kind – it was stressful, exhausting, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather have been tonight.

We played geography & culture – New Brunswick (Miramichi – Kelsey Jones), Egypt, the far east and almost everywhere else (Saint Saens Egyptian – INCREDIBLE PIECE, incredible solist – Talisa Blackman – find her, go see her play anything), and Ireland/Germany/England/Europe (Standford F minor – the Irish).

Here’s the thing, after all that playing:

No risk, no trust, no courage, no hard work – then no movement forward.

But with those things, oh my.  The things we can do together are like miracles.

more bruce trail incredible – this is what I feel like right now.

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