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Loving my inner moose

This becomes surreal.

I’m curious about my behavioral boundaries and how they might get distorted in the overflow of this steadily increasing sleep deficit.  If I were a Christian Mystic I’d be well on my way to a Grand Vision by now.  If I were a shaman who’d also been fasting this whole time, I’d be more than ready to meet my spirit guide.  What does one DO with these insights and not-so-sublte proddings that come at 2:30am, 4:03am, 6:12 I wonder.  Come on, insomnia friends – break out the what-I-do lists & send them in.

I’ve developed some strategies of my own:

1. Watch Peter Sellers laugh his face off in the Revenge of the Pink Panther.  Ideally start with the first ‘Panther’ movie from 1964, and watch the progression of the next three.  You will find yourself sitting in the Land of the Absurd, giggling like a 5-year-old.  This project will take several nights during which you’ll wonder why you need sleep after all….

2. Find your totem animal and commune with it.

My dear friend and guide these past 30 years.

3. Smell those Holbein oil pastels!  Honestly!  What do they put IN them?

4. Channel BANKSY with a piece that has become too static:


New addition to this post:  PLEASE watch this now, esp if you understand Monty Python:

5. Drink MORE coffee.  What the hell.

6. Love your inner moose.  We all have one, and often it feels abandoned by our adult selves.  Sad moose are large and impossible to ignore, so find ways to lighten her up.


Happy Tuesday,  & don’t worry, all is well.

2 thoughts on “Loving my inner moose

  1. Maybe get some sleep soon…

    1. workin on it… next up is swimming a few laps in the Y pool, running along the Bruce Trail. Biking to Toronto, maybe? Or some less ambitious version of same….
      xo, M

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