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None of us are immune.  Just when you think you can see it all and taste the sunbeam of good finish, a painting problem will like a brick wall whose only purpose is to humble you.  So, laugh or be flattened like Wile E. Coyote, to bonelessly slide down the mountain.  Or both.

I pick myself off the floor and turn back to face the problem-wall.  I wind up to run at it again.  And again, and again.

This last ten percent is the hardest.


GOD I love this work.

Author: keirartworks

Artist, Musician, Writer, Teacher. Mum to an incredible person, friend to many, Incredibles. Gardener. Thinker. Collaborator. K

3 thoughts on “almost

  1. Lovely Kiera. However…I cannot get the links at the top to work e.g. cordwood etc.

    • weird – I tried it on my version of the page and everything worked but the Cordwood house one – these are the categories on the top Right of the page, yes?

      I’ll find a way to fix it soon. Must. Finish. Paintings. First…. (my best comic book writing….)

    • Fixed it! You can now get to the cordwood house stuff through the link at the top, yay.


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