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New Work, 2014

New work.  From Storm-Stayed first week of January.  What a pleasure.

Here are some of the bits that will go up at the River Cafe – hoping this weekend, if Karen and I can make it so.  Subsequent Gathering tba, stay tuned.

detail from "Manitoulin", which I painted in 2004.  This one's big - approx 7'w x 5'h
detail from “Manitoulin”, which I painted in 2004. This one’s big – approx 7’w x 5’h


diptych Shovel/Axe.  29"w x 78"h (x 2)
diptych Shovel/Axe. 29″w x 78″h (x 2)
detail of Snaffle Bit (in progress).  4' square
detail of Snaffle Bit (in progress). 4′ square

…and a few other littler things.

I’m happy.



3 thoughts on “New Work, 2014

  1. hi Keira. We are in Florida for the winter. Love your last piece. What is the medium and how big is it?

    1. Hi Nicole! Happy 2014 in florida to you both. We are snowed under, here, but that’s just fine.

      I’m glad you like the last one – I think I will call it ‘Unbridled’. It’s the same medium as the one you have – acrylic and mixed media on canvas. 4 feet square. I’m finishing it up tonight & will post the result here.

      Hugs & warmth from Owen Sound – all my love,

  2. You’re happy, you say? You should be! Can’t wait to see the real thing.

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