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#Water: Tears, tears

I’ve just read a paragraph in an alternative american news source I trust, in reference to an incident of ‘personal is political’ in Asheville, North Carolina:

The misogynist (woman-hating) viewpoint is currently embodied in this thing we’re all just hearing about for the first time, called Red Pill culture. Simply put, this is a social environment where men are encouraged to view women negatively, primarily as sex objects, who must be kept in their place.


I dug just a little deeper and I wish I hadn’t.  I feel so very very sad, and shamed, because this is the culture I’ve been taught to fear, and therefore perpetuate, in my life.


You don’t need to know more than this – Red Pill is a subculture that has gained momentum via the internet that offers support to men who’ve been raised to feel small no matter how big they are physically.  Because the social media site that maintains space for it wants members (it also allows photographs of live animals being ripped apart), Red Pill is a place that encourages small and brutal and mean.

If you are looking for something to read that proves we are not small, go here.



Everyone on the planet now understands the social environment Eric Francis refers to.  Please resist the urge to dig deeper, since you will just get angry, and you’ve been angry about this before.  Anger just feeds the issue, and we all have more humanity than that.


I think about all the true things I haven’t said, because I knew it would hurt or enrage a man (or a woman) I was close to.  About all the actions and statements I’ve absorbed without comment or left unchallenged because I knew it would rock the foundations of someone I cared for  – powerful, brilliant people who were raised to feel small and inadequate.

I get that feeling, I’ve lived with that feeling, but I don’t accept it.  We are better than that, all of us.


In english the word for ‘tear’ on my cheek is spelled the same way as ‘tear’ it off.

I’m going to sit with this for a while, in the context of Red Pill.

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