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Cabin Stories 2

Week Two

Ratbastard is a new regular presence in my life. Has arrived, I believe, to teach me powerful new lessons in the kind of assertiveness that brooks no opposition. He requires that I maintain full, absolute ownership of the space I now occupy.

He is nocturnal and extremely intelligent. Also pointy-faced and vindictive when thwarted.  I sense that he has dangerous and deeply rooted self-esteem issues, is possibly in exile from his family (since they are nowhere to be seen), and so is really seeking love and belonging, in his bass-ackward way.  He’s a young adult, reckless and angry.  I am a middle-aged woman with a broken toe. I’ve developed a mean bark and the certainty that I can and will use a 2-by-4 to drive home my point.  If necessary.  I do hope it does not come to this.

Ratbastard and I are embarking on a journey that will eventually end in truce or death (his).  I can and will out-persist him.

NOTE:  I have nothing whatsoever against either rats, or bastards, in fact I have good friends who hail from both species. The name RATBASTARD was the first that came to mind as I chased my troubled trouble friend away from the window screen he was attempting to open.  A satisfying name to yell when defending territory.


Rain is all you can hear when in comes in torrents. After three grateful, introspective days of it this place is richer, greener, kinder.  Plants have appeared where there were only rocks and a skiff of soil before, and the spiders are back to their abundant net-working.


Ratbastard has not come by for four nights now.  I wish him well.  I also persist in my wish not to see him again.


After an interesting day-surgery experience yesterday which required much preparation over the weekend, I’m back at my work: collaborating with this place, reading, drawing and deepening the final research inquiry for my Masters.

I don’t think I could feel happier than I do in this moment.



5 thoughts on “Cabin Stories 2

  1. Ok. I loved this.
    Oh your story telling is so delicious!


  2. Hi Keira. Will be in Flesherton starting Sat. evening for a few days with friends from Mexico. Wondering if we could come and see your art work and visit. Victor . Victor Klassen

  3. Hi Keira.

    Compelling tail. I’m sure you will prevail. New blog will be Keirartkiller. Sounds like hopefully he or she has moved on. Had my own invasion last year, and looked after with little effort. Had an interesting encounter many years ago with a shrew in a shoe. It was 75 and I was a prospector’s assistant on the “sunshine coast” of BC. My prospector was 2 yrs younger than me and a mountain guy . We lived in a prospectors canvas tent that we had to cut poles for. 4 month traveled by float plane, copter ,truck, dirt bike, and boat. This time we were doing a search on Jervise Inlet, a most beautiful place and littered with huge oysters. (and a lot of bears). We were to check out an old longing town site (of about 1000 folks) and all the old roads and follow the rivers as far as we could. There was hardly anything left there except for some cement and remains of a flume that ran the power station. One thing that remained was a thing on wheels. A Gypsy caravan of sorts. Cool..we didn’t have to set up a tent! came with a shrew. Pound for pound as fierce as a lion, and it was its home. We couldn’t justify any reason to do it harm, just like the bears. We had a gun but we were just passing through and this was their home. We never hurt any of them (I did eat a bunch of oysters). It was all ways raining and we had to have 2 sets of boots. One evening when making supper noticed the half the rice was gone. Next morning…boot full of rice. Shrew was pissed! Came out and gave me shit. Left it a good supply of treats when we moved on.

    Hope you enjoyed my tail haha (and hope I didn’t tell you this before!)

    ps didn’t know that you had some surgery. Speedy recovery darlin. miss you




    1. a most wondrous tail – The Shrew who prevailed, Untamed. Shrewd of you to leave well enough alone, and to leave treats! A Mollified Shrew.
      Miss you too Dave. Time’s approaching when we will connect again, I know it.

  4. Yes, definitely a “He”.  I’ve named him Brad.  Brad Strata!

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