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Cabin 9: around the dented corner

For those of you who have endured the mess described in the past few posts, I salute you. It’s not easy to travel with someone who finds herself on a foggy path of confusion and vulnerability, and stay with it. My pain is no more or less important than anyone’s; we all deal with terrible loss and betrayal. And yet this is just what I needed from you.


I’m through the worst now, patched up mostly and moving forward again, through the (marvellously dented) corner and into comedic relief. It turns out Ugly Keira can be very very funny, if you give her some love. She digs the Cabin, and asks better questions than I do.

We had a great discussion with Nora Bateson, Aretha Franklin and Donna Haraway the other night that was, at points, hilarious. Sadly Virginia Woolf couldn’t make it, but I know she’d have had a great time.

Huh. Who knew?


I believe very strongly that we all share in each other’s journey, that telling story from these journeys is a fundamental human act of trust and love. I have no idea, of course, but I hope that someone I’ve never met among those who read this blog has found a spark of helpful self-recognition, or at the very least, a chuckle, even if it was at my expense.

Both writing and reading are acts of intimacy; all heart-felt human stories are worth telling, and hearing. This is one real way we look after each other.

Thank You for reading. Onward ho!


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