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The Turning of the Year

Why so complicated?

leaving Hamilton for Kingston; 6am, Wednesday December 19, 2018 

The only movement is a slow floating down and slightly to the right, here in the woods. The only sound the crunch of snow underfoot, and the dog’s open-mouthed breathing. He finds deer tracks from earlier today, I find the mother tree – five feet wide at the trunk, strong, healthy arms raised to the sky – a living monument to time and resilience, to peace.

leaving Toronto for Owen Sound, 6:30am, Saturday December 22, 2018

Do we find our need in these times maybe. Does it sometimes speak in the voice of old sorrow, maybe.

Underneath the desire for things and events that pass for fulfilment, that partly satisfy  -lies the deeper understanding that seeks acknowledgement:

Ah. I do feel an ache, here. And yes, only I can name it. Only I can tend to it. 

Also:  I can ask for help with this. I am not alone.

May we tend to our deeper needs with compassion and love, for ourselves and for each other.


A new year begins, from a place of deep deep love.  Truly, all of my very best to you all.

Keira – xoxo


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  1. Wonderful writing ntjanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Keira

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