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What do you Want?

…asks the Tree of my human self as I walk round and round in circles on the forest floor.


Mother Mary in the sky full of all kinds of weather, what a time.

I want eye contact, good humour, respect and trust, even in the absence of understanding, Willingness to move forward, together into the marvellous complex difficult unknown.


Could we please stop pointing fingers at one another. Try – just try interaction across difference. Engagement, collaboration, respect. Cooperative action.


I want good rich debate, full responsibility taken without projection of unresolved, unclaimed traumas and triggers.

I know we all have traumas and wounds. We also have work to do. So, claim the lessons and move forward. You really don’t need to spray your stuff all over everyone else. It’s yours. Use it like a battery.


I want all night long, all week, all month – years!  with a bunch of serious hilarious artists in an intense huddle: here’s what needs attention, here’s how we will attend to it.

Egos parked quietly at the door.

I want belly laughs, by god, even and especially in these times. Painfully stupid jokes and deliciously subtle ones. Full respect for ridiculousness.



I want more trees in the world.

2 thoughts on “What do you Want?

    I want to feel part of something more immediately intimate than humanity. Let me be heated by the glow and sparks of a creative forge. I want to be at ease with a company such as I belonged to in Ridiculou. I want to tenderly attend another beyond reason. To feel overpowering love for another. To finish this story.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! The thing I miss most from our past is the laughter.

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