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Come on, Canada.

The taste of anxiety on my tongue over the Canadian election has been an undeniable distraction. How can there be so many voting humans in this immense and beautiful country who deny the urgency of climate change?

I’ve been watching the polls, stuck in bafflement, for weeks now.


EVERYONE I speak to on the street appreciates a sunny day, the shelter of a healthy ancient tree, a green park, a lovely garden. Every human eats food that has been polinated by bees. Grocery Stores. Restauraunts, markets, clothing, drinking water, vehicles, light switches, plumbing, musical instruments, furniture… none of this would exist without our interconnectedness with other-than-human species and complex natural systems on this planet. How is this deniable?


Maybe I’ve been living in denial. Maybe there are other humans out there who do not make use of these interconnected things, are living soley on money – sleeping on it, driving it, wearing it in layers against the cold, stuffing it in their ears. Eating it like junk food, but not getting any nourishment, hence the appetite for more, more more.

I’ve never met a human like that, but clearly they must exist, since according to the polls, thirty-one percent of Canadian voters support a party that will not even discuss the possibility that all of these daily interconnections are at the verge of collapse.

Even though the science. Even though increasingly extreme weather. Even though extinctions, melting glaciers, lethal heatwaves…



In Canada, despite the fact that the remaining 58% of polled voters recognize the urgent need for Climate Change Action, this means the ‘denial’ party who lives just on money could form the next government.

What in the name of life and love are we doing here, in this moment? Who ARE these 31%-ers? Who has convinced them they can live on money, alone, and never mind real food polinated by bees?

That’s quite a snowjob.


It’s not difficult to follow the money if you know where to look. We all felt this way when Trump won, too. Rebecca Solnit keeps a weather eye on the news behind all the distractions and posts today about Russia’s tactical involvement in the 2016 US election,

Senate intelligence report introduction: The Committee found that Russia’s targeting of the 2016 U.S. presidential election was part of a broader, sophisticated, and ongoing information warfare campaign designed to sow discord in American politics and society. Moreover, the IRA conducted a vastly more complex and strategic assault on the United States than was initially understood. The IR.A’s actions in 2016 represent only the latest installment in an increasingly brazen interference by the Kremlin on the citizens and democratic institutions ofthe United States.”

The Committee found that paid advertisements were not key to the IRA’s activity, and moreover, are not alone an accurate measure o fthe IRA’s operational scope, scale, or objectives, despite this aspec~ of social media being a focus of early press reporting and public awareness.16 An emphasis on the relatively small number ofadvertisements, and the cost ofthose advertisements, has detracted focus from the more prevalent use of original, free content via multiple social media platforms. According to Facebook, the IRA spent a total-ofabout $100,000 over two years on advertisements-a minor amount, given the operational costs ofthe IRA were approximately $1.25 million dollars a month.17 The nearly 3,400 Facebook and Instagram advertisements the IRA purchased are comparably minor in relation to the over 61,500 Facebook posts, 116,000 Instagram posts, and 10.4 million tweets that were the original creations ofIRA influence operatives, disseminated under the guise of authentic user activity. …


Hello clever clever bully boy Oligarchs who bathe in power and eat money. Are you hoarding bees now too, I wonder. Planning to plant crops on Mars while the refugees all drown and starve? Hello all enablers of the bully boys, including Zukerberg, who allows publication of false news about our Canadian election from Buffalo. How’s your money-only diet?

Hello, my fellow humans who believe whatever makes them afraid, who vote for climate deniers who promise them more money because this feels like empowerment.

Hello everyone in my silo who points angry fingers at any of the above, because that feels like empowerment. Hello me.

This is all, in fact, disempowerment.


Here we are, staring at a great divide of our own creation. It belongs to all of us.

All of us belong to all of us. It just so happens that we DO know what to do about it.

Beyond the distractions of fear and emotional divides, there are brilliant solutions we can get behind. Marianna Mazzucato is woman who has spent her life studying why capitalism and trickle down economics doesn’t work, never has. She works with the UN, with Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, and with the UK. read this.


Greta T has teamed up with George Monbiot to make a video in support of what scientists have advised us to do around the world: plant trees in THESE places.  Here’s a Guardian article about the video.

You have every right to share that video in as many places as you can think of.


Will Allen has figured out to grow a million pounds of good food in an urban setting all winter long. Amazing. There’s no reason we can’t make something like this policy in EVERY city.

Solnit is on the board of an organization called Oil Change International. Their website is an excellent resource for science-rooted fact, and proactive tools for change. The fastest way to stop the fossil fuel industry is to move subsidies funders to renewables.

You have every right to demand that your bank divest its funds from the oil industry.


There is more, and more and more of this kind of work happening out there. People are shrugging off the fear, rolling up their sleeves, and building alternative solutions. That’s empowering.

Come on, Canada, vote for trees. Vote for us all.

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  1. voted for best candidate and leader. Wise thinking. TY

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