1. If I want to comment-what should I put in the url column? Your website? Do you know about Yolanda Bruna’s project wild swans? ( Just wondering if there are intersections) My be I will be able to slip in Saturday between all the playing…cheers Keira, greetings Sibylle


    1. Hi Sibylle – thanks for the Wild Swans lead – beautiful work; I’m listening this morning. My story nods to Andersen, but a little in reverse, and there’s no evil stepmother queen. The music that will accompany it is in ongoing live development – we’ll see what happens Saturday with the excellent folk who will join me!

      Re the comments – I’ve never tried to do this myself, so I don’t know how to guide you. Whatever you did, it worked! It would be lovely to see you between rehsl and concert on Saturday!

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