150 word bio…

Artist Bio

McArthur’s work cross-fertilizes the disciplines of performance, visual art, music and writing.As a soloist and in collaborations she plays with the divisions between artist and audience in (“Bridges”1995; “Artist” for #Selfie 2014; “Seven Swans” 2019) and her solstice production, Wassail!, a collaborative community mix-up of story, song and celebration.  Her visual exhibition work uses symbol and memory to explore natural systems and the ways they exist alongside and within human ones. 

In early 2019 McArthur moved her life and work to Hamilton to step into a three year, self-directed artist residency The Cotton Factory. Her work there includes commissioned portraiture, illustration, water collaborations, artistic research into ‘home’ and ‘place’ and new media experiments. McArthur writes extensively and regularly about process, art and the vicissitudes and marvels of life on her blog at She is a veteran performer (cello and vocalist) and producer of events. 

…and a 60 word bio, both for early 2020

McArthur’s work in writing, music, performance and visual art challenges the line between artist and audience. Cellist, vocalist, visual artist, performer and writer, her multi-arts shows explore natural and human systems, most recently in social media (#Selfie, 2014), and academic performance (Seven Swans, 2019).  McArthur writes extensively about art and life on her blog at She works out of Hamilton, Ontario.