Regardless of the way I feel about the man and the political party we’ve just given a majority mandate to, I accept that this is the choice we, as Canadians have made.  I am digging in, just a little deeper,  so I can help to re-build what will quite likely be pulled apart these next 4 years.  Things like our beloved CBC.  Our commitment to the environment.  Possibly much, much more.

My husband observed that in his victory speech, Mister Harper had nothing whatsoever to say about a vision for our greater role on this planet, how the vast wealth that we enjoy as Canadians can be used to help others less fortunate (which is just about everywhere else in this world) – nothing visionary to say in acknowledgement of our great, big, hearts; our unique, self-deprecating humour; our grand ability to astonish with art, music, theatre, film and written or spoken word.

He did speak about personal safety and security (jails, military); decreased taxes (i.e. responsibility for contributing to community & cultural programs); and the bottom line – his ‘healthy economy’. In the greater context, though the agenda that Harper offers is important, it is also easy, predictable, comfortable, small-minded ….self-centred.  This belief system is part of a global trend that I believe we shall all have to grow up and out of, if we want to survive together on this planet

More rewarding by far, and much more difficult to commit to are  inclusive, global issues – poverty; environment; cultural health; responsible global citizenship; climate change; education; food; energy.  I look forward to the day when Canada participates in these discussions in the spirit of creative generosity and innovative global responsibility.

Here’s a positive book to read –  The Watchman’s Rattle, by Rebecca D. Costa shows promise, even in the first chapter.

Happy Wednesday, all.