Summon the Artist

The studio is different, this second day of 2016. It’s taking some time for the subtle but undeniably permanent changes to sink in.  Some can be identified now; the bell paintings I began in December ring at a new frequency – thirty-six hours from now they will finish in a way I hadn’t imagined.  There’s a kind … More Summon the Artist

First Snow, November

First snow of the winter, we take a break and make double spirals on the soft wet of the roof, catch fat snowflakes on our faces, delighted again by the magic of change. Inside, the bells ring on… Metal on bell metal, glass on glass.  These sounds mark our hours, births, weddings, deaths.  They chime at our … More First Snow, November

The Well

stare and stare at these paintings, make a choice to add paint, increase opacity, move a line, stare again and question and re-form my understanding of the work and my own approach to collaboration – what is changing?  why and how the change?  How can I follow – willingly submit to change myself, when I cannot see the future? … More The Well