6am, Friday March 11, 2011 I’m at home watching a spring storm howl outside. All busses are cancelled. Eight inches from my left thigh, it’s wet, cold & white (closer by 1.5 inches is the fly who’s cleaning his wings on the glass). Great dripping glops of roof-snow fall periodically from the steel roof to the ground beside me – like cow patties, but white ones that will melt, not bake, in the sunlight (cow patties? What is that – am I missing summers spent reading on the ground in the midst of grazing cattle, saved by chronic asthma from haying? Yes, yes. Yes I am. The simile stays).

No sun today though, for snow-patty-melting.  And that’s just fine.

I was to go in and work today (much work, many meetings), but I resist this. There are a few reasons to resist;  I shall try to articulate them.

It’s beautiful here in this house Grant and I have built. We are working so much, trying hard to be present where it’s important to us and family and community so much these days that we are hardly ever home. Most often we’re only here in the early early or the late late.

So chaos sets in over time – sawdust & drywall mud dust fallout, daily editions of the Owen Sound Sun Times (some open, some crumpled ) in six random places, piles of slate waiting to be re-sorted and laid, and an ancient, grimy kitchen range sitting in front of the piano which therefore cannot be played. There’s not one single horizontal surface that isn’t cluttered with 15 different tasks, ideas and intentions.

Now that I’m finally looking, I see.  Today’s priorities have GOT to change.

Has it really been only three nights in the past 2 weeks that I’ve slept here?

Reclaiming House is the biggest reason. But there’s also my lovely, smart, funny-though-slightly-depressed & in a funk 14-year-old, who’s home with me because it’s a snow-day (whatagift). We can do ‘care for the house’ together, and share in the happy glow. This hardly ever happens, and it needs to…..

..… so the intention for the day …. changed. Meetings were postponed or altered into simple emails, a big long list was made of things that never get done because there’s no time. Crossing those off took from 10:30 until 4pm, but we did it, with a high degree of intentional silliness (and of course by 10:30 the roads were fine – it is always so).

Now we sit downstairs together, chicken roasting, listening to her just-made mix cd that includes Kanye West http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59qR4kRdhLE, Carl Orff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjvqY-U9gV0, The Raconteurs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu9hj_kMm48, The Beatles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg8EQdcud7Q&feature=fvst, the soundtrack from ‘Millionaire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-LZGXwdSqs and Coldplay, just for starters. She makes mix cds, I write.  We’ve got a really good sound system, thanks to JC, GN, and a few others who KNOW. It’s really, really, really loud. When the impulse hits, we sing too, at the top of our lungs. Twist and Shout, damnit.

It’s still light outside at 6pm. The dripping, mostly frozen cold is still eight inches from my left thigh, but it’s day’s end now. I’m content – the home fires are burning (bring in wood was on the list), and we are where we should be, doing what needs doing, as captains of today’s ship.

Tomorrow’s another sea chart that will require navigating.  And that’s just fine.