These guys are everywhere, like a carpet

There are softer things that need attention.  Small things that don’t register as important until you look a little closer, slow down a little more, open up a bit…

From that idea comes this week’s list:

1. Take note of the times when I feel odd, for however short a time – any kind of odd will do – unexpectedly odd.
2. Make deliberate space – in my mind, my house, my job, my belief system, etc – for something smaller, less strong, less experienced, less motivated, less_____ than me.
3. Remove all the little cat hairs from the window pillow.
4. Examine something that I use every day, very very closely.
5. Take note of the shoes of everyone I meet.  Address at least one thought at each person’s feet, or foot.
6. Identify three outstanding debts I owe to myself.  Attend to them.
7. Give away five good books.
8. For ten minutes every day, breathe the way I think, then think the way I breathe.
9. Hike somewhere out there, softly.
10. When practising cello, pay attention to the beginning and the end of each note.


new fingers on spruce