Serviceberry & hawthorn bloom in early May, then cherry, then plum, then by late May, apple (above).  While the bees work to make fruit of these, all other trees make foliage – so by the time apple is finished blooming, the final ash & oak leaves are full out, and we are surrounded by …..  Green.

heart chakra is this colour. I had to read that to remind myself.

June 13 is a green and purple-flowered jungle of birds, critters and the trumpeting surge into Life. Outside has the smell, the taste, look and sound of Rich and Deep – you can feel the soil breathe.  Skies have been grey and bruised a bit too often of late which encourages the slugs, the moss, the damp rot of plants that need full sun.  I’ve heard thunder every day for over a week, rain always present.  The farmers are not happy – it’s too wet to plant…

but it’s still overflowingly, overwhelmingly … green.

Behind all of this is escarpment rock, now covered in green moss and obscured by leaves

Every year we go from all white to all brown to all green in this climate – the contrast is startling.  Folk who live closer to the equator do not experience the thoroughness of colour change that we do.  Seems to me that all this green is more powerful to us since a mere six weeks ago it did not exist.  I’m curious, then, about the cultural significance of Green. Here’s one. .

And another,

I do wonder if we behave differently at this latitude with all this abundance of growth & green, which lasts only a few short months of the year.  hmmmm.

I shall dig into this idea a little more, I think.