I’m in my shop, 8:40pm, listening to Steve Ritchie and Enio Mascherin, as they talk to the world and each other about music collected from people who live 100 miles around Owen Sound-  http://www.100milemusicshow.com – they post their playlists in advance.  Go there, and get the live stream – what a great, eclectic mix of fabulous tunes we’ve produced here!  Really, it’s the new East Coast, the new Seattle, but all our own.  So far I’ve gigged with everyone whose track they’ve played – or recorded with them in Steve Blender’s Birdland studio way back when.  Now they’ve got Leckie’s Krueger Family Picnic up – also recorded at Birdland, I believe.

So rather than tell you what a climb it’s been today to get this blog set up & connected with twitter, FB, Linkedin, and my website, I’m going to recommend you check out this show, stop typing, and… just stop, for the night.

I’ll leave you with a pic of my garden project this weekend.  We’ll do a before/after thing.

One way to stay in shape...

All those rocks have got to go, that grass has got to shrink, and new gardens dig.

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