We’d been wondering where she was coming from – like clockwork every day at twilight, as close as 10 yards from us, 1 yard from the cats.  She’d watch us, back hunched, as her delicate hands felt for peanuts on the rock.  Curious, about us.

Turns out she, and her five progeny live in the northeast soffit of our house.  Hmmm.  Is this ok?  For just this litter?  For just this one time?

It’s June 1st, and I’ve just returned from Toronto and a visit to the zoo there.  “One of the better zoos in the world”, a young biology student/staff member said to us, “but there’s always the question as to whether these animals would be better left alone in the wild….”.  She wanted to ‘change the zoo thinking from within’, and find some more appropriate & mutually benevolent ways to connect human beings with the rest of the living mammalian world.

In any case, our coon is way ahead of her.  And for now, we are content to share house.

Next year, however, she’ll likely find the way blocked.

House-mate? Is this ok?

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