If anyone wants to know anything about Owen Sound’s Festival of Northern Lights, ask me.  If I don’t know, I’ll find out & let you know.

If anyone has some enlightened ideas to add to the Festival of Northern Lights strategy building pot, please pass them on to me and I’ll see that they’re added to the mix.

What a marvelous thing it is to spend a workday in this house that has grown up around us these past 5 years like a big, warm, difficult, transformative hug, I can only give pictures, which are a poor shadow of the real thing. I can’t even give you those today, because I left the thingy at the studio. I’ll put them in tomorrow.  Better yet, come on over.  We’re going to have a party – I’ll keep you in the loop.

Somehow it’s all in perspective – the chattering newsey questions like when spring will be here, who will win May’s very expensive Federal election, if the Owen Sound Attack will take the big prize- these are not turning my planet today.  They will all affect me, to be sure.  But I’m swimming in a deeper river than that.  It didn’t start this way, to be sure.

This morning dried-mud concrete under barefeet below laptop not enough time slept in. Feed. Coffee.  Stress-out-the-door ONE, and us TWO WestHill SS a minute to spare. Straight to RETAIL through a brushoffthemudgrass mat, & new pillows-by-accident. Home sweep mud dust cough clear so then laptop think forever proposal write emails to 3pm. Roar red car to WHSS – OMG my hair is gross and I forgot to change my loungey pants (this is only an unconscious bad reaction – I had no official business).

There was a red-winged blackbird who visited during all the writing/thinking- yellow eyed and curious.