I know that I if I move in a random life-direction for long enough something significantly intense and resonant will cross my path.   This event will focus my attention, and alter my direction.  For most of my ’20’s the world was large enough that I could, in this way, make like a pinball and bounce –  from one life-changing job, relationship, apartment, project, school, to another, each time knowing a little more about how the river flows.

In this way I obtained most of a university degree and (10 years later) all of a college art diploma; several years of experience gigging with, writing for and managing a band; touring with a theatre company;  working in research, retail, advertising, communications, event planning & production, then rock’n’roll travel; making my home in diverse neighborhoods; navigating through airports & hotels in North America & Europe.

I remember a certain emotional urgency.  I fact, someday I’ll take the photos out of those journals, and send the written stuff back to the paper mills.

morning birds from April

….the birds feed, the flowers grow, the cats watch.

Now it’s the afternoon of the day I began to write this.  I sit in my mothers’ day camping chair, square in front of the chestnut tree I planted 5 years ago, two cats lounging in the grass beside me.  They just arrived and parked.  I’m trying to follow my earlier thread, but what’s trumping that is

… my garden.  Too loud to think, actually – and it’s not just bird cacophany.  Rowan: ‘yes, right here is good, but soon’.  Peony: ‘we’re a little too close, you know?  I think I could move up top, and give these two some breathing space’.  Twitch grass: ‘okay, then.  This space is ours.”.  Lillies: happy.  transplanted bleeding heart: happy.  daffodils, irrepressible, unstoppable, but not in the right place.  Soil:  ‘um.  we can grow dandelions & daisys, OR, if you could engage with shovel, some food for you.  Your choice entirely, but if you don’t plant the peas now, there’s not much point….’.

In my mind, I am SO engaged.

And so, back to Intention.

clearly, this is to be continued….