On Easter Sunday Tyler Wagler gave us his own unpredictable, earnest, funny, challenging self, channeled through his very very good music at a concert @ Mudtown Pottery. It was packed with excellent people -all tuned to every note, every chord, every twist, turn, raw shock & tender pause. We the band had not played together until that afternoon, but this was not an issue – the joy flowed out full-force, and everyone in the room left feeling far better than they had coming in.

This doesn’t happen every time but it did with this Tyler show, because with music like that, anything, anywhere becomes possible.

Before T was Liam Sanagan, with his marvelous, honest, specific lyrics, and his surprising melody lines – Liam’s stuff has stayed with me like a gift. I wish someone would post him on YouTube. It’ll happen, so look for him there, and you’ll see what I mean.

Ritual family walk the next morning, down-river to Georgian Bay. My go-go adrenaline dissolved into the air as we walked – actually, I dissolved. By the time we were at the river, I was nothing but antennae and a camera.

They were exactly like that.

The rainbow trout were there, exhausted, but still fighting up-stream. The Red Tail’d Hawk called hard and dominant, staring me down. Found horse skull, half-buried in rusty cedar. Dried grass, swept like brushed hair down the cavern between cliffs.

If you look closely you can see the rainbow trout - about 5 or 6 - resting before the next big push.

Me, swept down the cavern between the mud cliffs.

All of that – the incredible music, the fantastic audience, the echo of lyrics, solo licks and groove, the soft, funny chatter of family… gets washed on down the river, to mix with the big water, where everything else is, from everyone else.

It’s utterly, painfully, ease-fully humbling, to be washed clean like that.