Grant and I took a sunday in November and stretched time with it.  It’s interesting now to look at the pictures – for the most part, my camera took me close in – finding the colour amid all the grey, and exploring its textures,

Lindenwood trail is built on this old burnt limestone


which is most often covered with plants...


blue, then orange, then a trumpeting silver-green...


I love these lichens


… but most of all, in the late November grey, we found rich, deep green…


I think this is an green seal-headed being, slowly retreating into the ground for winter


when we lay our backs against this wall and stayed perfectly still, we could hear this moss - it has a sound - peaceful, and deep and damp

As I type,  the tips of my fingers are wimpering a little – it’s been eight days straight of performing or rehearsing for Christmas concerts, and jamming with dear friends at parties (hello L, thanks for that- I loved it).  Last night the youth orchestra played at Hanna Walker Place for Ed Bartlett, now 91, who made my cello and still inspires me daily.  Vivaldi Gloria was wonderful on Friday – it’s great to see Division Street packed to capacity.  Leith Church 9 Lessons & Carols was also packed, with folks from far and wide who sang their hearts out together.

This music is no less of a miracle or a wonder than the intensely beautiful lichen & moss on the rocks of Lindenwood trail.  I feel blessed and full and, in the midst of this marvelous christmas ‘flu, at peace.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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