What do you Want?

…asks the Tree of my human self as I walk round and round in circles on the forest floor. Mother Mary in the sky full of all kinds of weather, what a time. I want eye contact, good humour, respect and trust, even in the absence of understanding, Willingness to move forward, together into the … More What do you Want?


revolve. ¬†One cupboard cleared, one old pine chest emptied, two rooms of six reconfigured. Three boxes of books off my shelves and into the car for passing forward, a trunk full of clothing for VV. Winter wear rediscovered, pared down, and stowed in one kist, guest blankets in the other. I now have a better … More Revolution

My favourite web

Mornings, my coffee ritual, made before and drunk after the sharp slap of lake. Pad back dripping to the upper deck where the pause before has been waiting to move on. Sit wrapped in the warm red blanket, pour, sip, begin. Webs. I’m thinking family ones, this morning. About how family spaces are co-created, preserved, … More My favourite web

Clues, from beneath

Oh, I’ve been beneath what I know. Like MacFarlane in his Underland, pushing through tight corners and passages to get to deep cathedrals and even deeper private chapels. False trails, loops, switchbacks, new openings, waterfalls – mucking about in places where there’s only sound, touch and intuition available to find a way forward. I wouldn’t … More Clues, from beneath

Trouble the Beauty

I’m glad July 2019 has happened, and I’m just as glad it is done. Feels like I put in five or more hours every night in heavy emotional weight-training at the “Know Thyself” YWCA. Felt like I’d be there forever, grunting & whimpering through gut crunches, then woke up this morning with a clear head, … More Trouble the Beauty


My appearance belongs to you more than to me. This became clear through my work for #Selfie in 2014. It is a kind of negotiation – I choose my glasses, my haircut, my clothes, which are all clues about the way I would like to be perceived. You see these choices in living action in … More #M_Other