8. Tree_InProgress

February 2020:  Underdrawing for Metatron’s Tree. This is a collaboration project with Ashley from down the hall, who spend many hours drawing the flower of life onto a 48″x60″ canvas with a sharpie marker. She carried it around with her from studio to studio then gifted it to me in 2019.

The tree is the mother maple from a forest in North Sydenham, Grey County. I was looking after a Great Bernese there – the dog and I discovered her and visited every day. Metatron’s cube naturally emerged out of the flower of life. We’ll see where this one goes from here…

here are a few drawings on paper I find interesting…

Conversation with Fran_2_20_19
Memory, 2am 3_24_19
Lunch Drawing, CoWork 03_19
(not) Working at Masters, 05_18

Left hand drawn by the right, right by the left. A good procrastination exercise…

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