In the first year of my 3-year self-directed, my practice was to take paintings that felt unresolved and re-work them. Waves, (2019, 60×60″) is an example of this. Beneath the water is the echo of an older painting from 2014 called Throwback, in which my face appeared as part of the limestone cliff beside a waterfall. You can still see my eye in the lower left corner of Waves.

During my three month residency, from December 2018 until the end of February 2019 I worked with paper, which I hadn’t done since the late 1990s. I’d come from six months living off grid in a forest with few people around so became fascinated by the fences and pathways in my new city of residence, gates and factory stairways that immigrant workers would trudge – up in the morning, down at the end of the work day. I imagine a whistle – like a church bell, calling them to work or sending them home.

The pieces I presented were an exploration of this – all on paper, with sewn edges at top and bottom, hung on thing aluminum dowling. Acrylic, oil pastel, vine charcoal and gel on paper.

In the early weeks of my 3-month residency I worked experimentally on two pieces from my Bells series. Studio shots of these below.

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