Story is the way we explain the world. There are no laws that apply to story save that it resonates and connects with whomever experiences it. Music is storytelling, painting is too. Theatre, Film, TED talks… story. Written words are the most abstract form of story there is, accessible only to those who know and read the language they’re written in. Like sheet music, they are a map drawn out for a reader who seeks an experience, a journey, a greater understanding.

I have a true, deep love for words, for their rhythmic, tasty, alchemical essence. Time, shape, form, belief, culture, connection or the lack of it are all shapeable in story, in service to the path a tale wants and needs to take. I believe story is best performed or read aloud in order to be shared in all its potential and glory – it’s meant to take you somewhere you weren’t expecting. That said, story read on screen or page will do just fine, as a teaser.

Tree Stories


Story Cake

Who you are is Who I am

Influences and reference points

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