studio & online projects

Wondering what, if, about, whether, or just plain wonder always leads to making something – a drawing, a painting, a blog post or a story, a song or a video. Something to mark the path forward.

Current projects are listed below . Each has marking points in whatever form feels appropriate; I’ll update here regularly.

I work on several projects at one time, they tend to inform one another. As of spring 2021, the priority map looks like this:

  1. Conversation Pieces, 2021-ongoing: drawings on paper, blog and research, video/audio of conversations with other humans experiencing pandemic-related change. Working also on a fun ‘practice’ book for print with a working title, “What If?” – a jumble of bits from collected conversations and responses, funnelled and filtered into curated questions that might light up your moment.
  1. commissions
  1. Archaeologies

Water Bodies