Summerfolk 2010 is over now, the last of the stages are being dismantled and taken back to storage for another year.  We, the people who volunteered, performed, rehearsed, danced, drank, ate, and jammed all night in the campgrounds and at the performer’s hotel are now permitted to emerge (by slow increments) into the idea of autumn.

The third weekend in August, for those of us who live here (and hundreds of others who come annually from afar) is a rite of passage.  The anchoring of summer’s turning.  Without it, we would feel cheated.  This year there was yet another night added the Thursday before – a brilliant showcasing of excellent musicians who live and play here in five different venues in our tiny downtown core (Owen Sound:  population 22,000, these past thirty years).  Every venue was packed – with LOCAL FOLK, who hopped from bar to bar, coffee place to coffee place, buying cds, listening, singing, stomping, clapping, whistling… it reminded me of anytown Quebec, where people actually meet in public on a regular basis.

It was grand.  The entire week before, I got to play with my new friend and excellent fiddler, Jocelyn Pettit, who ventured here from Squamish BC.  Honoured to do so.  Jocelyn is a girl to watch – I’ve never met a more centred, clear-headed almost-16-year-old.  Actually – she’s ageless, in those terms.  She knows exactly what it is that she wants to be doing.  And she’s doing it.

More to come, likely some pics too.  In the meantime, I’ll attend to the time spread out ahead of me now – this last pause of August, in which I’m permitted to dream of great things to come, with the Otherfolk/Summerfolk soundtrack playing on loop in the back of my mind.

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