– It’s been some time since I’ve been so inspired by a public gallery. There was only time for Gallery Italia, Anselm Kiefer and most of the Thomson Collection, – oh, and Riopelle – and I missed lunch with Marcus because of it.  I’m hoping he will forgive me….

Original artwork has a power that’s easy to forget about when we can source a scaled-down copy of the image in books and here on the net so easily.  So I gotta say – if you’re in Toronto, GO.  Go and stand for a good long time in the Gallery Italia and think about trees.  Stand in front of the pieces of Ken Thomson’s Canadian art collection, and think about colour, form, line, courage, and place.  Feel yourself floating inside the huge Riopelle.  Walk up and down the spiral stairs and imagine living inside a snailshell.  I know – pushy of me –  but honestly folks – this experience can be life-changing – if you put yourself consciously and specifically into a space that is entirely devoted to art, and artistic self-examination.

At one point, in front of a MacDonald, I found myself thinking that time had stopped.  That time DOES stop, when you surrender to an incredible painting.  Entirely worth it.

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