These seven pieces were shown through December 2022 at Centre3 in Hamilton Ontario, alongside the magical work of Eileen Earnshaw. They are painted on a canvas backdrop used in my former studio at the Circle Bar Factory in Owen Sound. Eight years of drips, notes, experiments and memories, now partially whitewashed and bearing images that reflect our collective experience since the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

The images I’ve chosen are inspired by 150 or more responses I received to the question, “What’s different for you, since the lockdowns” – a glass half-full, an ancient beech tree covered with old graffiti that has long since morphed into other shapes, the bit from a horse bridle that is no longer an instrument of control over anyone, an empty chair with only two legs that faces the sunlight. Optimism, Resilience, Freedom and Loss.

Images were drawn with vine charcoal. All colour on top of the whitewash (save for ultramarine blue) comes from natural inks I’ve made, from tree, root, insect and flower pigments. With the exception of iron gall violets and greens, none of these inks are lightfast – this is on purpose. All things change.

There are more, smaller pieces coming that will riff further on the responses, as in the 12″x12″ piece, ‘Yes.’

Four of the pieces are large, ‘one of them’Resilience’ is enormous (just under seven by 6 feet). HUGE fun, this show. I’ve included process and detail photos in the gallery here.