I’m interested in everything. As I write this it’s early 2021, the world has shifted after a year of global pandemic but then we were always headed for change. Epiphanies can be uncomfortable, but it’s best I think to welcome them with grace and without judgement, together. We humans have ingenuity written into our DNA, so this is more than possible.

I’m exploring all of this through painting, drawing and video work. Through writing. If you’d like to be part of these explorations, sign up to my email list, and I’ll send you interesting things. If you’re interested in owning some of my work, drop me an email & I’ll let you know what I’m working on now.


Adolescence is the ‘sparring’ phase. … The ‘war boys’ are the ones who never grow up.

Bruce Chatwin
The Songlines (1987)

The Art world was fed up, saturated with lifeless stodge — something had to happen. And it did.

Emily Carr
Fresh Seeing” (2019)

In every gathering, in any chance meeting / on the street, there is a shine,
an elegance rising up

Rumi, Any Chance Meeting,
trans. Barks & Moyne (1994)

Curious? Me too.

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