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Connect with me! #intersection experiments

Not the thing, but the place where it meets another thing, and how they come to meet, there in that place.



Not the person, but her relationship with another person, in that situation.

Not the religion, culture or identity but where and how these meet different religions, cultures, and identities.


Ecosystem is described in relational terms – of parts to one another.  Every one of us, every day, participates in and with the ecosystem that surrounds us. We can make choices to be respectfully, actively curious about this.


Like water, like music, we exist in relationship to everything else: an active element in the process of change.

What my ongoing research into water leads me to is the idea of water as a reflector for and in its context.  My research into forest teaches me that isolation is an illusion, that (respectful) difference only supports and enhances the whole.



There is an intersection between you in your world, reading this, and me in mine, writing it. This becomes a real thing – a place of connection – if you write back to me here, or here with even the tiniest observation from your own space.

When you write, please include #intersection in the subject line, so I can find you.

The only rules are these: always respectful of self and other; no complaint; no blame.

joined trees

I hope you’ll feel encouraged and free do do this, in whatever manner you choose. Participation in an experiment is always an act of human curiosity, a natural expression of our urge to connect.  Intersections like these are the places where epiphanies take root, grow, and blossom.

I promise I will always read what you send, and respond. Who knows what will happen?


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