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hmmm. hmmm?

As promised in June


Not the thing, but the place where it meets another thing, and how they come to meet, there in that place.


Not the person, but her relationship with another person, in that situation.

Not the religion, culture or identity but how those things exist outside of their original context, under different circumstances.


What my research into water led me to was the idea of water as a reflector for and in its context.  Water as an active element in the constant process of change.

If I see water as not a separate thing but as one part of all things, then all things can be described as ‘ecosystem’ that includes water as a part.


Ecosystem is described in relational terms – of parts to one another.

We are ecosystemic. Like water, we exist in relationship to everything else, and are an active element in the process of change.


Intersections. Next step is to put this together with new media, so #intersections.

More to come.

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