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As promised in June


I’m in the research stage for a series of multi-arts shows that will explore all things Water – our cultural relationship with it as commodity, as identity, as elixir and as an expression of power and emotion.

Appropriate and convenient for me that the February temperatures have been so cold that the city water mains froze and so left 300 or so of us here without running water in 2015.  The experience of living without water has been a lesson in awareness and conservation, and a re-evaluation of my own sense of entitlement as someone who lives in a place of year-round plenty Рmore rain, more snow than anywhere else in this huge province, and Georgian Bay ten minutes away like forever and always.

Look for posts tagged #Water for the collection of ideas and experiences that will be part of the final exhibition in 2016-17.

frozen and sculpted...

frozen and sculpted…

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