humbled and human

I want to write. There is much change filtering through the waters of late January, and I find myself at odds with the urge to name, record, describe.  The feeling is that if I narrow my focus I will miss something crucial on the periphery of my vision.  Because of this, my urge to articulate … More humbled and human


I’m about to leave for a long-awaited trip to Lake Superior.  We’ll take the kayaks, a lovely new tent & good camping gear (the best wedding presents ever); the bikes, some tomatoes from the garden since the plants are now overflowing, books, cameras, and my own cluttered mind, in hopes that the latter can be … More Junk?


Tall yellow candle flame in the heart of the room, on solstice night. Two others in windows, one facing north, one south. The moment I’m in is wide and timeless, peopled by a few who are Present but Not Here.  I’m content to be at the balance point of the year, sitting in appreciation of … More connection