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Through the gate, I think.

I look forward to this shift to Schedule every year – a good time to set clear intentions.

Here goes 2012-2013, Part 1:

1. I will learn the Brahms by March.

2. I will learn the Faure by December, tape a performance and send it down to Guelph, for application as a Suzuki teacher up to Book 8.  Then I will take the courses which will enable me to really help teach all these kids here who need to play.

3. I will finish five paintings by December (shovel, axe, hammer, teacup 1, teacup 2).

4. I will send in my October 15 Integrated Grant App to OAC.

5. I will wash the floor every week (Studio and home).

6. I will learn how to use this blessedly complicated digital 4-track BOSS thing so I can record this music I have floating in my head.  (this may be a winter project).

7. I will write here every three days at the least, and never if what I’ve got is dull and repetitive.

8. I WILL plant lots and lots of garlic in October.

9. I will visit our beautiful new Y every other day (at least) for an hour of pure physical exuberance.

10. I will write one letter every month, with a pen, onto paper.  AND I will put each one of these in the mail.

11. I will apply to at least 5 venues for an art installation/ performance exhibit, by February 1.  Also some good jury shows.

12. I will get out in the kayak at least two more times before the snow flies.

13. I will put in the time required to finish the final bits of this house, so we can move our bed into our bedroom, clear the upstairs for house concerts, and have a PARTY in November.

14. I will have a Great Deal of Fun.

Ahhh, yes.  It’s going to be a good year.

I’m goin’ in.

The way through.


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Morning triggers

…if the nose & claw of a big hammer could be hung from the ceiling of the space so that it seemed as though it was coming through the building to hit a giant nail embedded in the floor…..

table saw, morning

… if one section of the installation was a series of small paintings all connected by a wire which carried an electrical current.  One painting would have a switch, another a plug, another a speaker.  Plug in the painting, turn on the switch in another, and two other paintings begin an audio conversation:  “My father gave me this chisel when I was 13.  My mother taught me to sew by hand first, then …..”

morning, front porch

… a painting that’s wired with the sound of an air compressor, triggered to come on when someone comes within 5 feet of it…..

morning, back porch

… record a cicada.  record a skilsaw.  Dig up data on construction site stress.

Paintings of:  Shovel, axe, hammer, clamp, grinder (s), sledge, crowbar, drill bits & railroad spikes, technical and engineered drawings, blueprints & electrical drawings, forge stamps, handsaws, chisels…


And poems.

hmmmm.  Blog like a scratch pad.