Friday Morning list

Seems this is now a Friday morning ritual. Intentions: 1. figure out a way to sincerely compliment at least two of the most difficult people in my life. 2. find astonishment somewhere, try to articulate it. 3. daily ritual -clean at least one neglected thing. 4. admit to 3 colossally dumb things I’ve done in … More Friday Morning list

Intention to

I know that I if I move in a random life-direction for long enough something significantly intense and resonant will cross my path.   This event will focus my attention, and alter my direction.  For most of my ’20’s the world was large enough that I could, in this way, make like a pinball and … More Intention to

Friday Morning List

It’s time to set intention, so here are mine for the day: 1. transform at least two things into something more positive 2. try to avoid adding ANY energy to emotional ‘black holes’ 3. attend to all debts 4. translate one dry task into a poetic one (use brevity) 5. Thank the god of wheel … More Friday Morning List