In the Pour House, just up from our funky B&B on St. George.  Black & Tan is 3/4 gone, and the stained glass toucan in front of me smiles with greater and greater intention.  He’s right – I want to say something. My sister just left after an excellent day &.5 of wandering together as … More Toucan


definition:  the difference between what you believe and what someone else believes.  The greater the difference, the more trouble you’re in. For humans (who should know better), there must also be a fairly strong element of denial involved to make this so. Example 1. (DISCLAIMER:  this following does not refer to any specific event or … More trouble

Friday Morning list

Seems this is now a Friday morning ritual. Intentions: 1. figure out a way to sincerely compliment at least two of the most difficult people in my life. 2. find astonishment somewhere, try to articulate it. 3. daily ritual -clean at least one neglected thing. 4. admit to 3 colossally dumb things I’ve done in … More Friday Morning list