Capstone 2: Seven Swans

Seven hundred pages and four years of journals, four hundred pages and four years of blog posts, two hundred photographs, twenty projects / performances, thirty poems, three notebooks, and three binders full of journal articles and syllabuses, a bookshelf of Community Music and related literature. All but the last two are my data, which I’ve … More Capstone 2: Seven Swans

Winter Solstice, 2012

I woke in my bed this morning at 6:15, just in time to feel something shift. Winter solstice dawns today with fine fine snowfall out of white into white.¬† Even the trees are disappearing¬† – their branches look like fine pencil lines now.¬† I’m watching the snow fall, listening to the incredible Mychael Danna soundtrack … More Winter Solstice, 2012